Available Dogs


Deb is a truly remarkable dog! She is gentle and cuddly and gets along with other dogs, cats and even chickens! She spread happiness to everyone she meets.



Cowboy is a handsome red male approximately three years old. He has docked ears and tail . He was rescued from a public shelter by an individual who had other pets. It turns out that Cowboy prefers to be an only dog and so he was brought to the rescue. He is people friendly and loves his toys. He has not had formal obedience training, but he does not jump and is well mannered.



Baby is three month old today. Her mother was rescued and gave birth shortly there after to nine puppies. All were adopted but Baby, who is thought to have hearing loss. She is beautiful and has been living happily with other dogs. She is extremely affectionate. She has a docked tail and natural ears. She is eagerly awaiting her forever home.




This handsome boy is only about 8 months old . He was turned in by his owner who was unable to keep him. Toby is gentle with expressive eyes and a shyness that accents his sweet nature. The individual who adopts him will have a friend for life. We are seeking a quiet adult environment for Toby so that he can continue to develop his confidence .



Darth is a gorgeous young boy who was bought on impulse and then was passed from home to home. He knows his basic commands, but he would benefit from an obedience class to reach his full potential. He is playful and loves balls and toys. He will be a wonderful addition to a home who is familiar with the Doberman breed.




Hitch is pure puppy! 1 year old and full of energy, he is happy and affectionate and makes us laugh. He was turned in by his owner and is strong and healthy. He sustained trauma to a back leg when he was very young and now he has "a small hitch in his get-a-long" ,but this does not prevent him from any activity. He LOVES fetching balls and he has a curious and lively personality




Champ is an approximately 2 year old boy who was brought to us from a shelter in Northern California. It was his last day and his time was up. There must have been something in Champ's face that caused a kind individual to stop .take him out, and save him.. Perhaps it was his happy disposition, for despite the circumstances that brought him to us, he remains joyful and exuberant. He is a delightful boy who know only needs a forever home.




Gunner was relinquished to us when his owner moved away. He is a sociable middle aged sweetie who looks like a puppy. He is very curious and definitely loves people. Like all Dobies he loves attention. He walks well on a leash, likes treats and would be happy to be by your side .



Lincoln is a well mannered and friendly Dobie who is approximately 4 years old. He has cropped ears and a docked tail. When he first arrived he was missing most of his hair, but a quality diet , a nurturing environment , and a bit of time restored him to his previous good looks. He is now ready for a new family!



Kendra is a small and delicate girl who is approximately 2 to 3 years old. She was found abandoned on the streets of a Mexican town. She was hungry and scared.A number of volunteers networked to bring her to us to help her find the home she deserves and so clearly wants.She has a docked tail and cropped ears. She seems to get along with other dogs . She comes when she is called....She is waiting for a miracle and has come a long way to find you.If you are interested in Kendra and being part of this amazing story fill out an application



King is absolutely stunning. He is very large with docked ears and tail. King was kept primarily in the yard and therefore has not had socialization and house training. Once he receives obedience schooling and personal attention, he will be a spectacular companion.



Molly is a 7-month old female Doberman with no training whatsoever. She has a darling personality, a lovely spirit, is curious about everything and has absolutely no manners or self-control. Molly must have an owner who can be home part of the day and she
needs to attend obedience classes with her new person. We're looking for someone with lots of energy and patience to help Molly grow into the lovely adult Doberman she is meant to be. Due to her energy level, no children under 13 years of age.